At last the day has come. In about two hours or so we will be heading out onOur RV site...ce more for a real trip in much the old style of travel. We bought the new trailer in May of 2012 and then only made one trip last fall which was very brief, due to various health and family issues. Finally on March 26 we got out for a week with our neighbors here at Bass Lake but today we at last head out on the next leg of our great adventure!

It has been a long stop, but the time is finally here. We plan to travel only about 200 mils or so per day and to move only when & if we feel like it, just as we used to do when our RV was our only home. I do believe that we are nearly as excited today as we were back in 2000 when we drove the motorhome away from our Ft. Worth house for the last time.

Next stop, Bastrop State Park!