Summer Trip

5/20/2011 through 10/3/2011


Travel itinerary: Lindale, TX to Wichita, KS for 4 days

Wichita, to Council Grove, KS, for 4 days

Council Grove, KS to Loveland, Co. for 6 days

Loveland, CO to Sequim, WA for 15 days

Cape Lookout State Park, OR for July (Tillamook, OR)

Carl G. Washburne State Park, OR for August (Florence, OR)

Travel down Oregon & California coast to Pescadero, CA for 3 days

Travel to Redlands, CA via Yosemite National Park, 5 days

Redlands, CA for 14 days, then 4 days travel back to Lindale, TX.

Total RV travel, 5,472 miles, burning 676 gallons of gasoline at a cost of $2,491.22. We averaged 8.1 mpg, towing a 2009, Honda, CR-V for the entire trip.

We made one propane purchase of 10.4 gallons at a cost of $33.14.

We also had some minor maintenance done at Erik’s RV in WA. Total cost of maintenance including all cleaning materials, fluids, minor repairs to the coach such as drawer latches and similar items was $296.02.

Total of all food costs, including groceries and dining out, such things as soda pop, wine, beer and all consumed items was $2,292.63.

Automobile expenses were $50.44 for one oil change and some cleaning supplies and an air filter. Automobile fuel cost was $813.33 for a total of 219.3 gallons of gasoline. I failed to record the starting mileage for the CR-V so my best estimate based upon mileage when serviced would be a total of 5,600 miles.

We spent a total of 48 nights in commercial RV parks at a total cost of $1,672 for an average cost per night of $34.83. The most expensive park was one on the California coast which cost $71/night.

We spent $433 on entrance fees and similar entertainment items. General household supplies like paper towels, t-p, dish detergent and such things was $360.49.

Of course we also had the usual expenses for cell phones, internet air card, and the usual insurance and related expenses. We had no unusual health or other expenses that would not have happened if we had stayed all summer at our home base.

Total of all expenses related to the trip was $8009.27.