Our camp site at James Is. county park. The park is quite large and well developed with a very attractive campground. The sun sets over Folly Beach, another county park nearby and on James Is.

Our trip to Charleston was a bit of a pilgrimage, since this was where we purchased our first house and where we first experienced community involvment. Our years here were among the best of our young lives. This was the first place we lived that when we left we did so with a promise to one day return. It took much longer than we thought, but after thirty five years we finally did it! The city had changed greatly, but there was much the same as when we left.

The Charleston visitor center is in a restored warehouse. The visitor center has an assortment of artifacts and pictures from early Charleston. The battery is one of the oldes and most historic area of the city.

Like most visitors, our first stop was at the visitor center, and it is very impressive and they are knowledgable and helpful. If you come here, start you visit there.

Old historic homes. Another home that has been restored. Another Charleston home. A city park in Old Charleston. One more steet view.

This is a city of many beautiful and historic old homes, with an entire section of the old city preserved, while remaining as private homes. But the home that we were most interested in was the one out in Goose Creek that was our first venture into home ownership, and the only custom built home that we ever owned.

The aircraft carrier, CVA10 is located in Charleston. Our fist purchased house has only changed from white to green shutters and the garage is built into a room. Fort Sumter, seen from the Charleston Battery.

We were very pleased to see that only minor changes had been made to the house from when we lived there and the neighborhood was still a very nice place to live. While we were there we also visited several other historic locations like Ft. Sumter & Moultrie. There is much to see in this city and we enjoyed our visit.