From Ft. Knox, to Iraq, and home again!


US Army The official US Army photo of SFC Kenneth Wood US Army seal

This page has no political agenda, nor any opinions to sell. What it will be is quite simply the story of one career soldier who has volunteered to do his part for his country and to spend his share of time in Iraq. We take no political position, except that of an American who believes that it is only proper to respond when duty calls. This is one soldiers story, as told to his veteran father.

This is a picture of the family taken on Easter Sunday, 2006. Ken's parents, Pam & Kirk with dog Muffie. Daughter, Samantha poses for a shot to send her dad. Nathan sends greetings to dad, also.

Like anyone else, SFC Wood has a family that he leaves behind, who love and miss him. As good a soldier as we all believe him to be, none of us will sleep quite as well for the year that he must spend away. I begin with his family, in the hope that readers will grasp that even a professional soldier is also a father, husband, and son. We are proud of his choice to do what he has trained to do. Each of you should be also. Please remember Ken and all of his fellow service people when you pray to whatever God you choose to worship! Below you will find a list of pages that tell this soldier's story.

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