The Olympic Natl. Park is one of the most unique, in that it has very high peaks, the only continental rain forest and rocky coasts. This page features the ski area near Port Angeles. These pictures were taken on April 18, 2002.

School group visits Hurricane Ricge ski area in April.  The Olympic Peaks  More mountain peaks.  Our Hobda near the ski area.  A coyote casually crosses the road in front or us.  There is snow everywhere!  The view back toward Port Angeles.  Port Angeles harbor.  Cross country ski trail at Hurricane Ridge.  Weather is very unstable in the high peaks of the Olympics.  Dungeness Spit can be seen about 30 miles away, from the overlook.  The air is warm in mid April sunshine, but the snow still rules!  The mountains here are difficult to travel through.  More snow!  The park service maintains cross country ski trails as well as down-hill.  Yet a different mountain peak.  The sun makes for a beautiful scene.  Clouds can move on to the peaks very quickly.  The Olympic Mountains are some of the most difficult in the US.  Most of the Olympic National Park is free of any roads.  Hiking trails are the only access to much of the park.  Snow season is just begining to decline here in late April.  This is more than enough winter for us!  Time to head back down to warmer areas!