In addition to our time spent at Sea World and Disney World, we also visited several beaches and other things of interest. One of the things we discovered was the fact that Florida is in reality, one very large sand bar. There highest point in Florida is only 600 feet! The main attraction of Florida is her beaches.

Hanna Park beach, near Mayport, Florida. Hanna Park's campground is only a block from the beach.

Our first stop in Florida was at Hanna Park, owned by the city of Jacksonville, and located next to Mayport. It is located adjacent to the Mayport Naval Station. We found the park to be the nicest park we had seen in quite a long time and the best beach we visited in Florida. We enjoyed this park so much that we chose to spend several days there and we would return if we are ever in that area again.

Our son's family joined us at Coco Beach. The city of Coco is interesting and touristy. This is a view of the beach at Melbourn.

While in Florida we also visited Coco Beach, Melborn Beach and Vero Beach. While all of them were pretty, we found that the water depth increases so rapidly that small children are not safe if left to play in the water without very close supervision. The town of Coco is pretty interesting and very tourist oriented.

Vero Beach, looking north. This is the gantry where the space shuttle is launched. Big O RV park.

We also spent a day touring Cape Kennedy. It is a great place to visit if you happen to pass this way. The fee gets you two days of entry and is good for both the cape and a museum of the space program. It would be quite easy to spend all of both days if you visit both. Just before we left Florida we traveled south to Lake Okeechobee to visit our friends, the Veache's. We stayed at the Big O RV park, which is right on the shore of the lake. It is a very large fresh water lake in the middle of the Florida land mass. All in all, Florida was an interesting and pretty state.