Lake Ozette is a long drive in and really has little to offer unless you choose to take a boat to explore this 8-mile by 5-mile natural lake, or if you hike the trails into the beaches and explore the wilderness of the park. But if you have the ability to do either of these, you will find it to be a stunningly beautiful place, with few people. Since we do not have a boat, but do have hiking boots, these pictures were taken while spending the day hiking in the park.

Lake Ozzette, north end  typical country side  the trail 

Anyone that has visited this site very often has probably discovered that our favorite mode of transportation is our hiking boots. This is our trip to Cape Alva.

old growth forrest    path through marsh  up hill in the bog  scunk cabbage 

The area is one of 90" annual rainfall and is mostly very boggy. The trail to Cape Alva is 3.3 miles but is not difficult, although there are a lot of stairs. For those more hardy, it is possible to hike 3 miles along the beach and then return by a different trail, of another 3.1 miles.

the end of the trail  western most point of the continental USA  campground & facilities 

We chose to return by the route we took in since we felt that the 9.4-mile trip would be too much, with 3 miles of hiking in the sand and rocks of the beach. With this beach being located in a road less area, it is as pristine as we have found.

coastline  neat looking rock  deer 

With few people in this area the wildlife is pretty much unafraid of those who visit here. The beach is one of sea stacks and islands all around. Our total trip by GPS was 8.1-miles. We returned tired, but with a feeling that it was a day well spent!

Bald eagle in flight!  A deer peeks through the trees to watch the people.  The oceal beach at the end of the trail.