This page is done in an attempt to give a feel for what Las Vegas is like for those who have never been there, with an emphasis on the newest casinos for those who have been to Las Vegas, but have not visited for a while.

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Las Vegas is no longer just a place to gamble. It has become the entertainment capital of the world. There are more shows of a wider variety in Las Vegas, than anywhere else. But the shows are no longer inexpensive. Prices range from $35 to near $100 for the permanent shows to even higher for the major stars.

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Food is available in an unbelievable variety, and prices, while no longer cheap, are reasonable. The food quality is generally excellent. One can easily find foods from everywhere in the world.

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For those of you who do not gamble, there are also many inexpensive, and free things to do. There are frequent free shows in front of the Mirage, the Bellagio, and Treasure Island. Many of the major casinos have live entertainment inside which you can watch at will. And all of the major casinos have activities to entertain the non-gambler while his friends and family spend money on games of chance.

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And if shopping is your thing, this is the place! Each of the larger casinos has shopping areas that are designed to look and feel like you were in the part of the world that was chosen as the casinos theme. There is even a large fashion mall right in the heart of the strip.

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Photographs can not begin to give you an accurate picture of what Las Vegas is really like, but I hope that it will at least let you have some small feel for what happens here. It is not only the capital of entertainment, but it is also the capital of opulence!

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