One of our goals when we went on the road was to see all of the things along the way that we have traveled past on our many trips across the country to visit family. With that in mind, we headed west along I-40. One of the things that we had always wondered about is the big meteor crater. This is what we found there.

This is the largest known meteor crater found on land in the world. It is more than 1000 feet deep and a mile across. Because of the uniqueness of this location, NASA has trained all of the crews that went to the moon here. There is a very informative walk.

The property is in private hands, but is a registered landmark and must be maintained in it’s present state. While it is not a place that we are likely to return, we were glad that we stopped, and we did spend several hours there. They also have a collection of meteors on display and a lot of displays in the main building. The cost was $8 each.

The crater is located 18 miles west of Winslow, AZ, at exit 233, and about 5 miles off of I-40. There is a nice RV park located at the exit. Before traveling on we also visited the very interesting Navajo County Museum in Winslow.