Pinnacles National Monument is one of those little visited sights that is not well known, but it is well worth your time! There are two entrances, one from the west and one from the east. It is about three miles by hiking trail between them and there is not a road between them, through the park. The most unique features of this park are two canyons, one at each side, which are a series of caves that were created when an earthquake dropped rocks larger than houses into the two narrow canyons. The canyons are so narrow that the boulders were stuck between the walls of the canyons before they reached the bottom. To see the best sights at either entrance you must hike for at least one half mile. The west side entrance is not a good road for RV travel, and the only camping at either park is a tent area in the west side of the park. The best place to camp while visiting either side of the park is at a Monterey County park in King City. The name of the park is San Lorenzo Park, and it has an excellent museum and very nice camp ground.
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