Having grown up in Kansas, I have always been amazed at the reputation that Kansas has for being flat. True, some of the western part is flat, but only the west. This is a page to try and correct that misinformation. It does not cover all of Kansas, but it might be a start.

As time goes on I hope to add more pictures of other areas of the state. For now, I will start with the pictures that I took while we were in Kansas this past summer. Kansas is probably best known for it’s farming and so I will try and show a cross section of what is grown there today. Wheat is still the king in "The Wheat State."



Even though they produce more wheat than ever, there are now many acres that have changed from wheat production, to other crops.

And there are many other crops. Cattle ranching is still a major industry.

These pictures are from south central Kansas. I will add more as we travel.