The following is a collection of pictures from around Kentucky. If you place your pointer on each picture it will give a discription of the scene. Of course, clicking on any picture will expand it to full size. Hope that you enjoy your visit to Kentucky.

This building houses the log cabin where Abraham Lincoln was born. The cabin where President Lincoln was born. Sinking spring, for which the Lincoln farm was named.

The Lincoln monument in the square at Hodgenville, KY. Mamoth Cave National Park visitor center. Inside of Mamoth Cave.

Working water wheel in Renfro Valley. The famouse Boone Tavern & Hotel, Berea, Ky. Our grandchildren walk in the Kentucky woods.

Bed and breakfast in an old log cabin, Berea. The Berea Crafts Festival is one of the very best that we have ever seen. Jazz guitarist performs at the Berea crafts festival.

Looking accross a typical Kentucky countryside. An old log cabin museum in Berea. The Loghouse Craft store operated by Berea College.

This weaving shop is one of the craft shops where students from Berea College work to earn their tuition. The Union Church, founded as part of Berea College in 1855 as the first college in the USA to admit students who were male, female and of all races. Stain glass crafts at Berea.

Berea, KY must be the arts and crafts capital of the world! If you would like more information on Kentucky's traditional carfts or on the town of Berea, I suggest that you take the time to visit BereaOnLine.