Well, it has now been a year since we were last out doing the RV thing but at long last we got it done! Our new RV is no longer a virgin but has been slept in. We towed it to our friends in Granbury, TX for a few days visit and while the medical world has kept us pretty much off of the road, the ice has been broken once more! Were we excited, you betcha!

Here we are staying in our new RV, at last!

We did kind of ease into this with our trailer under the shelter of our friends the Davis's just behind their fifth wheel. With this one having spent all summer inside of our RV shelter we thought that we perhaps should not shock it by  going at this too rapidly! Over all the trip went well and we are satisfied with our combination. We got about 12mpg, which is a 50% improvement from the motorhome, although not quite as good as we might have hoped. We are no anxious for spring to arrive so that we can be off with it once more!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Wink