In September, I reached the age of 70 and just as they did for Pam last year, our sons presented me with a gift Unloading the balloon at sunrise.that was memorable. I have long been one who enjoys flying in light aircraft but this time they really boosted that experience with a gift certificate for a hot air balloon flight, Not one of those teathered deals but the real deal from begining to end. It all began with a ride to the field  Up we go!where we were to launch. Passengers were allowed to assist with the unloading and preparing of the balloon, which is initially inflated with a pair of fans, then after pictures were taken the propane burner was lighted to heat the air and get things going. It takes about half an hour to get things ready to fly and load everyone into the basket.

For all of this, Pam came along and followed with the chase driver and got pictures  A hot air balloon flew over the moon!from the ground. The day was just beautiful and weather could not have been much better. We were airborne for just over an hour and it was one amazing experience! The pilot was an amazing fellow and gives passengers an outstanding experience. By changing altitudes the pilot was able to some degree to steer our dirction of travel. We varied all of the way from just above the ground up to nearly 3000 feet. We were in restricted air space and so could not go above that level, but that also means that we had great views of everything that we passed over and got lots of great pictures. It was definately a birthday gift that will be long remembered! I would highly reccomend that anyone who has ever considered this type of flight do it! In addition, should you do so in the area of Dallas, TX, check out the experiences provided by Rohr Balloon Flights.