One thing that has kept me happy while traveling fulltime in our RV was finding interesting locations to do volunteer work that allows some feeling of having contributed. The concern of lacking this activity was one of my major concerns about leaving the fulltime lifestyle. It seems that we have now found a place nearby that needs volunteers, that even has RV sites for volunteers, and so just seems to be right for us!This tractor and mower have been my latest volunteer work.

Now if you hear of a charity that is called Mercy Ships, who would ever expect the headquarters to be in north Texas? Well neither would we but that happens to be the case. In fact, the world headquarters for them is only a few miles from us and it is actually a pretty fair sized cattle ranch as well as a campus for training the volunteers who serve on the ship! That ranch is also where some folks grow food as a part of the charitable work and also train for agricultural missions to other parts of the world. The people from Mercy Ships do a lot of things to support good health  of the people, once that hospital ship leaves to move on to the next place served and the people who are going to the ship come here to learn things like safety procedures, and shipboard emergency actions as well as a host of other classes.

My part in all of this is to operate a tractor for the ranching side of things and for the past few days I have been mowing hay for winter feed. This does look to be an interesting place to be involved and so I'll post more about the place as I get to know it better.