Cape Mears LighthouseWe have now completed our first work cycle at the lighthouse. It is located across the bay from the park where we stay and nine miles by car. It is a very scenic drive over and the lighthouse and park around it are especially beautiful! The staff here and at the lighthouse are truely wonderful and have already made this a memorable experience. While the first few days were a bit of a learning time, we still managed to feel useful and appreciated.

Both parks are places that anyone traveling through this area should plan This is the lens house on the top of the spend some time. The lighthouse is pretty unique in that it is very short, due to its location on a high cliff on the headlands. It is in fact the shortest on the west coast and one of the two shortest in North America. Our work hours are from 11 to 4 on Sunday through Tuesday. Pam works mostly in the gift shop and I do interpretation for the visitors. Outside volunteers come in to help out as needed and to relieve each of us for lunch. So far this has been great fun!

We are now well settled in our site at Cape Lookout State Park and live in a group with three other park volunteers. One of the volunteers here works for the national wildlife refuge that surrounds the lighthouse property. There are six other volunteer couples at other locations in the campground. There are 263 campsites, six cabins and 13 yurts. The park also has a day use area, a bicycle camp area and a group area. The lighthouse is day use only.