This was my favorite tee shirt from the Prairie Berry Winery!It has been a bit busier here as last Monday our college intern left to return to school, leaving a part-time employee and the two of us to keep things going. With summer on the wane the grass has slowed its growth rate so mowing is not as big a job and the campground is less busy, so we are helping with the maintenance side of things. I have been finishing up the tree trimming that needs done along the lake shore and also helping some with The Prairie Berry Winery is a beautiful building!mowing and irrigation of trees.

We do still have our days off and so are getting in the last of the attractions that are in the "hills" which we haven't yet seen. On Monday we went off to Hill City to do some wine tasting. The Black Hills is one of the areas with a pretty new, but very successful wine business and we wanted to see what they had to offer that we had not previously tried. We visited the Prairie Berry Winery first The Naked Winery was also an interesting place with good wines.and found that they have some really great products that are interesting, but by far my favorite was the best-selling of all their wines. It is made completely from rhubarb with a bit of sugar added and it is great!  We also visited the Stone Faces Winery and the Naked Winery which are all just to the north of Hill City and on US385.

While we were there we also took time to have on last lunch at the Alpine Inn, which must be the best place to eat in all of the Black Hills!