This is the Indy 500 museum building.

Indianapolis 500 Raceway

The Indy track is the best known race track in the USA and the museum is well worth a visit for even those who have only a mild interest in automobile racing. The cost was only $3 per person and we spent about three hours, even though we are not avid race fans. The museum is located in the in-field.

The entrance to the raceway is very identifiable to all. The track is managed from this large office building. The race control tower is a very large, multistory building.

This sign marks the entrance to the grounds. (click to expand to the full historic marker)

The museum houses a very large collection that includes the majority of the race winners since the race began.

The winning cars from the most recent races. Cars that won or were in the top positions from the 50's & 60's. This car won the second Indy that was run!

If you have any interest in either cars, or racing, it is very easy to spend a great deal of time in this museum.

Two years a Cummins diesel powered car won. (click for entire car.)  This car won the very first race ever run at Indy! The Hurst Special never won, but did make race history.

There were two diesel powered winners, the first winner ever, and a few modern marvels as well. The museum also has a number of other motorized vehicles in addition to cars. All were in a race somewhere, at one time.

An 1897 horseless carriage. There are a number of early motorcycles on display. This is an 1887 Benz, 1 cylinder, 1 hp. carriage.