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You are staying where?

 On October 13, 2009 we returned to Lavon Lake, for the Army Corps of Engineers. For the next two and one half months we will be park hosts, but in a park which has closed for the winter. It is a great place to stay, although there is some nuisance in the unlocking and opening the gate to leave, but the rewards here are truly great!

signSince we are returning volunteers we had little by way of check-in, sign a little paperwork and pick up some keys and that is about it. Pam will help in the lake office a couple of days each week and I will be doing the usual maintenance work of previous visits. The park does have some homes just outside so there are a few folks who come through the park on their walks, but most of the time we are alone.

 The RV site that we occupy is actually for a paid gate attendant, but since the park is closed all winter there is no attendant. We provide some security for this park and also do jobs for the park rangers. We plan to stay in this area through Christmas and then travel south for the rest of winter. We work a minimum of 20 hours each week, but often do more as we do like to keep busy.


This park is about one mile by road to the east of East Fork Park, where we have been in the past, but is less than half of that if you travel by boat. We are also about one mile from the Lake HQ where we will be going to work. Several members gate houseof the staff have changed since we were here last spring so we have a new volunteer coordinator and lake manager but everyone really welcomed us back.

We have been checking over the park to see just what is needed and we will begin work here next week. Our RV site has full hook-ups with 30/50A power and a storage shed for our use. We have a concrete pad to park on and our own lawn area which is private. Our site is homewell inside of the park entry and can not be seen from the road. The area is very quiet and we have ample space to have visiting RV folks park next to us with sitethe park closed for the season. 

We look forward to the coming holiday season and to visits from friends who pass this way as they travel south this winter. Since the park is closed but we have the keys, there is ample space for anyone to stay and dry camp, and we can even get you plenty of water, some electricity and could probably work a drydump if needed. Just a mile down the road at East Fork park there is a dump station, but we could probably manage a connection to our sewer if need be.The lake manager tells us that since the park is close, it is ours to use!

About the only negative is that we don't keep it mowed in winter, but even that isn't a problem in our part since I happen to have access to the lawnmower! 

The park even has a boat ramp and courtesy dock which are just a short walk from our site, just in case someone should bring one! I don't think that we have ever had our own dock before! 


dock tables beach







We take long walks and there are birds and squirrels everywhere. Muffie just loves it here too. We do allow her some time off-leash, but not unless we are with her since there are occasional other dogs that pass through with walkers and at night we get visiting coyotes, skunks, raccoons and other dog-unfriendly creatures. For those who like peace and quiet, this is the place!

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