The skyline of modern Montreal.

Montreal is a very large, modern city which is also very old with many old historic buildings and also a downtown area with attractive, high rise buildings. The city is on an island in the St. Lawrence Seaway. The official language is French, although we had very little difficulty as most people there are also fluent in English. We found people to be quite friendly to American visitors and most will shift to English to accommodate us. We are not fans of large cities, but we did enjoy or visit.

The heart of the business district is lined with high-rise buildings. One of many historic buildings in Montreal. Notre Dame Cathedral of Montreal. The stadium which was constructed for the 1976 Olympics.

We stayed in an RV park across the river to the east of the city and drove in each day. Like all large cities, there were times when parking was a problem and traffic could also be a challenge. Although we are not great fans of large cities, we did enjoy our visit and will retain fond memories.

Strollers on the Champ de Mars. City hall has been in the same building for more than 100 years. Victoria Square in the high-rise district. This unicycle juggler was one of the many entertainerrs.

On Sunday the area of Champ de Mars was filled with people and street entertainers and vendors. Even there most people were gracious about our lack of French and were quite friendly. The city has many monuments and small pocket parks scattered about. It is also a very clean city.

 A typical street outside of the city center. One of the many fountains and pocket parks. Much of the city is made up of older buildings and streets.

Should you ever travel to this area, be sure to spend at least a few days.