This has been a busy weekend but like most Sundays, the exodus began pretty early. We did have one open site all weekend but strangely someone paid for it from Thursday through Sunday but never did arrive. That does seem too happen at times and once wonders why since SD parks will refund all but the first night for people if they can’t use their site.  It is too bad also as we nearly always turn some folks away on nice weekends. This time we also had four visitors using slots in the equestrian campground which was not in use by horsemen.

Today is also expected to be our warmest day of the year with a high of 940. It is now 3 pm and my thermometer reads 920 so we may well get there. With our humidity at only 25% it really isn’t that bad, especially if you can stay in the shade. The boat ramp has been pretty busy and the traffic has changed from mostly fishermen to mostly water skiers. We cleaned out most of the fire-rings this morning as folks were leaving to get a jump on the week’s maintenance work. Otherwise it has been a pretty lazy day with just watching folks leave and using the computer to check them out. We do have two longer term visitors here and three more due in this evening.