The birds moved in while we were gone!We made it safely back to our home-base, after a stop for the night with our son in Sachse. With a late night arrival at DFW airport and we had to stop at their house to retrieve Muffie, so we spent the night and visited the grandchildren before we came on home.  When we arrived we discovered that the migratory, pink flamingos of our community had moved to our house while we were gone!

One of the neighbors started the practice of greeting returning wanderers with a pair of these "lovely" lawn ornaments and we are the latest to be so graced!  I am wondering if we might see them nest and raise some babies by the time we have an opportunity to pass them along?

I have set them aside for now but will be doing a bit of research to see if I might locate some very small ones to add to the family for their next visit to a returning neighbor!

It was good to get home and reminds us once again just how fortunate we are to have found this place to settle. But we are also getting rather anxious to get the new RV ready for travel, so must get back to that project in order to make a test run with it ASAP! Washington was nice to visit, but home is better.