We are watching it rain here, at last!Today we are getting more rain and this one is predicted to be the biggest Two inches of rain, thus far! in more than a year! It began raining last night just before we went to bed and now at 11am we have received two inches! And more is said to be coming. To a parched Texas this is the best of all news. Before this began we were at 0.7" above normal for the year, but we ended last year behind by about 18" so we have a long way to go, but this should help! I am usually not a fan of rainy days, but they sure do beat out watching trees die!

On days such as this I also really enjoy my home with inside parking! No wet feet at all! Of course, Muffie is not thrilled with this weather as she prefers to spend her day laying out in the warm sunshine. Rain just is now her thing.

Weathermen say that we may get two or three more inches before it stops and if we do that should go a long way to help our lakes. Can it be that the drought has been broken?