As a followup to the prior entry, I thought that I might make a plea to some of my readers, or perhaps a suggestion. We found over the years that it seemed that we had more and more difficulty in finding things to give to eachother which would be wanted and appreciated, if not actually needed. Living in an RV we soon had all of our extra space filled with more that really fit into it. In time we discovered that it can be really fun to give to someone who is really in need, even when we do not know them!

Kids have always been our soft spot and so we discovered a program from the Salfation Army called Angel Tree. Poor families sign up and each child's name is put on a red angel, attached to the tree with a few things which the child needs or has wished for. Most of these kids can be given a really merry Christmas for far less money that most of us spend on plain old "stuff." Have you ever considered some program of this kind?

Salvation Army, Angel Tree program.