We spent some time exploring today and went up the road to see this attraction since we had noticed it as we came south on I-75. It is located on the south side of Ocala, FL.

If you have any interest in cars and racing this museum is worth a visit. The cost is $15 or $13 for seniors. There are two very large buildings full of cars. Everything from antique cars, hot rods, and serious drag cars. He has many of the record setting cars from the earliest days of drag racing up through some current world record holders. We spent about four hours there and a serious race fan could easily spend two days. We went because of the suggestion of a good friend and are very happy that we took his advice. There is even one early RV in the collection, which the family owned many years ago.

This morning was a bit cloudy and damp, but no real rain. Temperatures were in the 50's so we thought that we would go out and see what interesting things we might find nearby.


Not far from the town of Bushnell is a small but interesting state park. It was the site where the second, and probably the most destructive of the Seminole Indian wars began. Major Dade and 106 soldiers were defeated and killed by the native people, who felt that their homeland was being taken away. Only two severely injured privates managed to survive and get back to the fort for help. The war that followed lasted for seven years and ended with most of the natives removed to what is now Oklahoma.


We spent a couple of very pleasant hours roaming the grounds, reading the signs and in the visitor center. Should you stop by Sumter Oaks RV Park. do take the time to visit this very interesting site.

About 2pm on Sunday afternoon we arrived at our next stop in route to the Everglades.

I do believe that Sumter Oaks is the prettiest Escapee park that we have ever visited. Arriving on a Sunday we were also welcomed by a 4pm social hour which included ice cream sundaes! What a great way to meet the residents. Like all Escapee parks, the daily social hour is the place to learn what is happening in the park and to meet the folks who staying here. As is the Escapee custom, we were introduced as new arrivals and that lead to a very warm welcome.

 I do believe that this park has given us the warmest welcome that we have yet experienced in an Escapee park.  We plan to spend several days here and to get out and explore the area this afternoon. I will try to get back to post more a bit later in the day.

What a wonderful day it is and how fortunate we are for the life that we lead!

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