The old, downtown area of Cheyenne, now restored and attractive.We had a very good visit to Cheyenne and got to see quite a few of our friends from our days living there. We spent an evening with “children” from our youth activities when there, but those kids are now parents and even grandparents! We were quite impressed with the changes in Cheyenne and especially in the downtown area to save the historic buildings while making it attractive.Our site at Johnson's Corner is acceptable, but not great.

On Sunday we traveled south to Loveland, CO to spend a little time and to visit friends and relatives in this area. We also wanted to go back to Rocky Mountain National Park and spend some time as we had not been there since we moved from Cheyenne in 1989.

This is a veiw of the Gore Range mountains as you enter Trail Ridge Road.The day could have been better with early rain but it did clear as the day progressed so we did enjoy the trip. We spent most of it returning to the various places that we visited when we were there in the past and did the mandatory trip up and over Trail Ridge Road. The visitor center at the top was already preparing for winter and snow was predicted for last night up there.There are small snow fields or glaciers that remain all summer near the tops of the mountains.

The signs of fall were starting to show in most areas with leaves beginning to turn and the starting of mating season for the elk herd there. The best part of that was that elk were fairly easily seen and at times there was much bugling in the air with bulls challenging each other for dominance and harem cows. It was great fun to watch and there is little so fascinating in nature as the sounds of bull elk sounding their warnings and challenges.

This heard bull elk was proudly showing his stuff to all of the ladies!The elk cross a medow with their bull in close attendence! ---The chipmuns and squirrels were almost aggressive.

The aspens are beging to change to gold as fall weather arrives.The day turned out to be a memorable one. We had a great time and refreshed our memories of visits to the park with our family so long ago. Far below us in a valley park there were some beautiful ponds.While Rocky Mountain NP is not nearly as large as some of the other parks, it clearly is worth the time required to visit.

There are campgrounds inside of the park, several in the Estes Park area and if you stay at the foot of the mountains it is only a short, scenic drive.