Our final weekend at Shep’s Canyon is now beginning. It has been a great summer experience and with really great park management. We have managed to see pretty much all of the attractions in the Black Hills and the most interesting of them more than once.Here we see the campground as when we arrived with little wather showing.

In the past week we have managed to wrap up all of the projects that we took on as part of our host duties, including some that went beyond the park requirements. We love being able to leave with a feeling of accomplishment and this is another that will be long remembered. The largest project that I had on my agenda was Here us the campground with the brush & trees removed! that of removing brush and trimming trees as well as removing some of the excess ones. In the past two weeks this task has proceeded well beyond what park management believed we could do, thanks to some staff assistance and ready access to the park tractor.  I could not leave without a few shots to remember this by, and especially of the “victory pile!”

The campground is booked full for Labor Day weekend and the guests have begun to arrive. Weather has so far been a bit unsettled and that seems to be slowing things but it is expected to improve as the weekend progresses.  After staying close to home for more than two years, it has been a wonderful relief to get back into The pile of brush we leave for winter burning is very large!the RV travel mode. We will be traveling for about the next month, anticipating an arrival back at base about Sept. 29. While Pam is somewhat anxious to get back, I’m really in no hurry as I still miss the full-time RV lifestyle.