Black bears are the largest group of animals in the park.One Thursday we made a trip once more to Rapid City to do a little shopping and to say goodbye to the The bighorn sheep are lead by two large rams.Walmart store there. We also had the oil changed in the car to ready for our travels that begin once more next week. While we were in the area we also dropped by a wildlife park that is called Bear Country to see what it was like.

While animals in captivity are not as interesting as in the wild, the park does a pretty darned good job of creating natural settings and good habitats for the animals and you can see them much closer up than would be the case in the wild. While they have a wide range of animals, all from this part of the country, it becomes very apparent the reason for the name as bears make up by far the largest population of the park.

There is also a section where baby animals are the main feature. All animals are hand fed in order to have them be unaffected by human visitors and so that we could see them better. I would rate this as one of the best of this type facility that I have ever visited and is worth the time and cost to visit.

The arctic fox pups are born in diffeerent colors but turn white as juvenials. This arctic fox pup is still mostly black, but just starting to turn white.