The sunsets here are spectacular nearly every day!  

One of the great things about spending the summer at this park has been the sunsets and sunrise too, if you get up early enough to see them! With sunrise at about 5 am, I have tried to avoid seeing too many of them but sunsets are a virtual light show. We do not get any TV and very little radio unless you have satellite TV, which we do not. Since I prefer the evening light show anyway, that really hasn’t been a big deal for me, somewhat so for Pam. We do have good Wifi and so can get news updates from the cell phone or laptop and that is good enough for me. Sometimes it is nice to not know what is happening on the news anyway!A violent storm is approaching rapidly!

One of the negative aspects of this area is the sudden and explosive weather changes that sometimes take place. We were advised when we arrived that we should never leave camp or go to bed leaving our awning down and that has been very sound advice. Thus far we have not had much hail but areas near us have and we have had brief but nasty wind and rain storms. At times it can come from a beautiful day and arrive with winds gusting to 50 mph or more and driving rains. We have had several storms that dropped an inch or more of rain in less than one hour and once we had 1 ¼ inches in under 30 minutes. We seem to be located on the edge of a weather pattern area where the worst storms touch us along the edges but the worst seems to pass us by.

A double rainbow appears to signal the end of an afternoon thunderstorm.Just as quickly as the storms arrive they move on the weather clears. Aftermath from the thunderstorms tends to be very showy, as our skies seem to be constantly. Rainbows are common. One thing I have never heard any local mention when discussing weather is boredom.

We are located about a mile to the west of the main park complex and across the lake. It is sometimes surprising how much difference there can be in the weather experienced on the opposite sides of the park. Shep’s Canyon area is somewhat sheltered from the main body of the lake by a high ridge and I suspect that this helps to protect us from some of the wind effects. We are thankful for that because our little, light weight trailer moves about more in wind gusts than did the motorhome we once lived and traveled in. I have discovered that keeping our water tank completely full and adding more leveling jacks has helped with that. Our trailer came with only the tongue jack and one on each rear corner. I added four of the screw type jacks, one on each front corner and one near each spring shackle attachment. The lifting of some weight from the suspension has made significant difference.