Often questions are raised regarding how one goes about starting a similar site. Hopefully this will help you find what you need/want to know. I can't answer all questions, but hopefully I can help you get started to finding the answers. Feel free to provide feedback on this if there is anything that could use more information.

I have broken things into a number of topics to try and make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Where should I start?
I suggest starting with an idea. This may sound stupid, but without a good idea of what you want, you will never make it. You may change the idea over time, but start with what information you want to convey. A good idea is to start with a travelogue of some sort or other (similar to this site).
How do I make the pages?
Today I would encourage you to use a Content Management System (CMS), or a blog engine. The choice of which is right depends on your primary idea for your site. If you primarily are thinking of content in a series of pieces as they come to you, then a blog is best. If you are thinking of some more rigid and less time bound presentation, then a CMS is right.
For blogs, most people find Word Press is the choice. It powers a good many sites. For others, the choice becomes a bit more complicated and the best advice I can give is to search out other people's opinions.
Where do I put the pages?
I would either start with a blog service, or go to a web hosting provider.
What about domain names?
Most hosting providers provide registration services.
How do I get the pages on the web?
If you are using either a CMS or blog engine, it will have a means of writing your pages right inside of the system.

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