Wish us what you will.  We wish you twice as much!

motorhome honda

Our 1998, 36', gasoline powered, slide free Cruise Master & our 2009, Honda CR-V.

Welcome to Kirk & Pam's updated web site. From April 14 of 2000, our only home was the motorhome pictured above until January of 2011. After Pam experienced a series of health issues we realized that it was approaching the time when it would no longer be practical to live completely free of any real estate home and so we began to seek a home-base once more.  This site contains information on our travels, and life on the road. Also included is information which I think those using an RV will find helpful. We hope that you enjoy what you find here. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kirk working at his typical Pam at the sewing machine, one of her frequent activities.
Kirk, hard at work! Pam, in her office.

Muffie, the official campsite greeter!

Muffy, the pure-bred All American Terrier.

Our home-base.

Our home-base since January of 2011.

Our new RV.

Now that we are back to part-time RV travels we tow this 19' long Sportsman, by KZ.

We tow it with a 2009 KIA, Boreggo.